Benefits Of Terminating 200 Employees Essay

787 Words Nov 25th, 2015 4 Pages
By reading scenarios number one I feel like the company have a tough decision to make about the company future. Terminating 200 employees from one plant in the company is a major deal. As, an owner of the company you can always look at other option beside termination employees. Other option can include downside the products or the ingredient which make the products, cutting hours employees hours and the products that is a main success for that week make sure those employees gain 40 hours or more to continues to gain revenue. Now, I cannot speak for the consultant that came up with the idea of terminating 200 employees or do I know if he or she went through all their option of keep every or most employees employed. The consultant idea is not a bad idea either. The consultant idea is really in the guideline legally but can also back fire if everything is not done correctly. Send every employees of the company a notice stating; “That the long-term prospects for the plant are not good” a few weeks ahead of time is smart. Basically, you are notifying employees of the company action before you even take action. By notifying employees a few weeks ahead of time you are setting up the first steps of the process of termination or company changes, so that the employees cannot say, “The company did not make us as employees aware of these changes.” The second steps on how to process the company terminating of employees is genius. Depending on what states the company is in and what…

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