Benefits Of Technology On The Delivery Of Healthcare Essay

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Option 1- Technology in Healthcare Advances in technology can have a profound impact on the delivery of healthcare. It seems as though technology advances exponentially as past advances launch additional developments. In fact, over the past five years there have been significant technology advances which are changing the way healthcare is delivered. Three of these new advances are 3-D printing, biodegradable electronic implants and the use of an “Ironman” suite for standard limb rehabilitation (Tuten, 2013). Never the less, these advances raise serious concerns regarding their use as well as inequalities in the distribution of these services (Morrison & Furlong, 2014). The ethical dilemma of these advances must be addressed.
3-D Printing Not many years ago 3-D printing was a part of science fiction. Today, 3-D printing has widespread use in various industries (Tuten, 2013). In some aspects the many applications are only beginning to be realized, especially in regards to healthcare. Using 3-D printers, providers are able to construct not only replacement joints for knees but prosthetic legs as well as other body parts. This technology has had tremendous impacts on the recipient’s life. For example, a carpenter slipped while using a table saw and cut off his fingers on one hand; however, through the use of 3-D printer, a prosthetic was created so accurate that he is now able to catch a ball thrown to him (Saginor, 2013). Not only does the 3-D item function well,…

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