Benefits Of Technology In The Healthcare Field

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Technology in the Healthcare Field

Canadian physician, Dr. William Osler said, “The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease.” With the healthcare field being so vital to society, it is an important thing to consider when thinking about new technologies in this particular field. Consequently, this is such a vital field for a person’s health and well-being. There are multiple things that are wonderful about technology. The field of healthcare has benefitted and people in several ways, such as a better ability to communicate with foreign patients, overall accuracy, progress in medical research, new medicine, and more time spent on patient care, and the healthcare field needs to utilize
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By allowing technology to shine through, hospitals are improving their hospitality with other nations, and they are also helping the patient to have a much better experience. An advancement in foreign medical cases is being performed by a doctor in China with the help of a doctor in California. In Shanghai East International Medical Center in China, a robot glides along the hospital hallways. On any particular day, the robot is checking on a cardiology patient. The patient 's team is not limited to just the physicians and residents in Shanghai East. The chief of cardiology at the University of California at Davis is also on hand to consult on the case. A financial advisor for this project, David Jahun said, “This is a great way for the U.S. to export what we have an advantage in.” By having the previously mentioned technology, doctors can help each other in other nations. In association with that, doctors can help undesirable places in the world without even getting on an airplane. Some may say that this program was invented simply for the money, but that is not the case. There are advantages to this type of organization. One advantage is that the doctors can share expertise, and they can also establish formal business agreements in the specific country in which they are treated. According to Karen Cox, executive vice president and co-chief operating officer at Children …show more content…
Much like the creation of the new cancer vaccine mentioned four paragraphs before, there are aspirations for the future of medicine. An example of the wonderful things that medicine will do is the project being worked on by Johns Hopkins University. With the technology of the MRI or magnetic resonance imaging, the researchers are learning to detect early forms of cancer that show strange levels of glucose, or sugar with this special MRI machine. According to head researcher of this project at Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Jeff Bulte, ”As cells become cancerous, some proteins on their outer membranes shed sugar molecules and become less slimy," he explains, "perhaps because they 're crowded closer together. If we tune the MRI to detect sugars attached to a particular protein, we can see the difference between normal and cancerous cells." With the use of this technology, cancer could be prevented. Some may say that it is unethical to use an MRI machine to detect cancer cells, but it is where the medical field is headed. By having these new technologies, doctors and researchers working on cures and detectors for

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