Benefits Of Taxing Fatty Foods Essay

1313 Words Nov 18th, 2015 6 Pages
Imagine buying a bag of chips for $1.50 and then going back the next day and they are $1.70. Taxing fatty foods has been a huge topic lately with in lots of people. While some people believe it is an unfair decision to the poor, taxing fatty foods can be great because it would decrease the amount of deaths due to obesity, and also decrease the amount of people with diabetes and high blood pressure.
Even though taxing fatty foods could make the people healthier it could also affect the poor in many ways. If the price of unhealthy and fatty foods go up by 20% then the poor are no longer going to be able to provide for themselves because the product that they were buying is now going to be too expensive for them(Blanding). Yes, the poor are not going to be able to purchase the products that they are use to buying,However,there are going to be able to purchase healthier products that are cheaper than the unhealthy products that they are use to buying. Some people are against the tax on fatty foods because they enjoy eating snacks every now and then even though they eat health on a regular day basis(Blanding). Even though fatty foods may be unhealthy they are good snacks and us as people enjoy eating them every now and then. Once again, although sugary and fatty foods don 't help the body if you don 't eat them all the time then they also will not harm the body.If the cost of fatty foods go up then that also means that the unhealthy things in restaurants such as deserts are also…

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