Benefits Of TPO Roofing

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How TPO Roofing Works
TPO Roofing
Thermoplastic Olefin (TPO) roofing membrane is often regarded as one of the most efficient and economical roofing alternative to PVC roofing. This single ply roofing system is made out of thermoplastic polyolefin membrane, which consist thermoplastic polyolefin top fly compound, TPO polymer base and polyester-reinforced fabric center. TPO fabric also uses fillers made out of carbon fiber, Metal Oxy Sulfate, wollastonite and fiberglass as well as EPDM and ethylene-propylene rubber. The TPO membranes can only be installed on flat or near flat roofing surfaces to create a water runoff and prevent leaks. The growing popularity of TPO roofing has seen many commercial building owners replace the older and less effective types of roofing systems. Many homeowners are also getting into the fold by installing TPO on new building or making an upgrade from the older asphalt roofing system. This type of roofing system was
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Economical – TPO is highly economical in roofing for both commercial and residential buildings. The material comes with several advantages that are similar to those of PVC roofing. These advantages include energy efficiency and hot-air wieldable seams. In fact, the reflective white surface of TPO membrane ranks higher than the EPA Energy Star requirements. Installing a TPO roof can go a long way to cut your air conditioning cost while keeping a building’s interior thermal conditions comfortable during the hot summer.

The other benefits of PRO roofing systems include the ability to last up to 30 years, resistance to a wide range of chemicals and the fact that it is recyclable. TPO is also resistance to UV and heat degradation and does not include external plasticizers. The main drawbacks of installing a TPO roofing system is that it can turn slippery when it is covered in snow or frost. Secondly effective TPO welding can only be undertaken by experienced personnel.

Factors to consider when installing a TPO roofing

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