Benefits Of Sweatshops

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Sweatshops are necessary to improve the condition of third world countries. Sweatshops are the workplaces where workers are forced to work for low wages, overtime and in unhealthy and unsafe work condition. However, sweatshops also offer many benefits. They offer a way to escape from poverty, best possible job and to be intellectually developed.
Sweatshops have transformed the economy of many underdeveloped countries to developed ones. Not a long ago, Hong-Kong and Singapore were having a number of sweatshops. These sweatshops improved their condition to the extent that now they are one of the most important economies of world. “Those are precisely the jobs that were the stepping stone for Singapore and Hong Kong, and are the jobs that have
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Whenever, a new manufacturing unit is settled in an underdeveloped place, technological aids and machinery is also brought to that place. The companies provide the much needed infrastructure to produce the product. They also train their employees about the use of machines, computers and also dictate the company policies and procedures to them. This approach makes the life of local people more standardized and managed. It also ensures the overall global development and it fills the intellectual gap within the developing and developed countries. They act as a bridge which connects the third world to the first world. Women get most benefits from the sweatshops. Opportunity to work on their own made their life more independent. In a research conducted by University of Washington and Yale , it was found that girls living in the villages near the sweatshops were 29% less likely to get married and 29% less likely to get pregnant than the girls living in faraway villages. Therefore, the sweatshops improve the family’s financial situation and the school enrollment rates for girls were as high as 38.6%. It was only possible due to the wealth brought in by sweatshop industry. (Bowman,

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