Essay Benefits Of Social Networking Sites On Adolescents

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As the world advances, so does technology. Since the beginning of man, people have found ways to communicate with each other for survival or companionship. Telegrams, letters, and postcards are all things of the past. Over time, these things have given way to email and cell phones. The newest form of communication is social networking. Social networks are a relatively new addition to our lives. Since their beginning in the early 2000s in the form of blogs (Bowles, 2013), social networks have expanded to encompass almost every corner of the world and include access to almost any topic or interest. These websites have attracted people of all age groups, especially adolescents. This age group is very impressionable and vulnerable, which is why there are advantages and disadvantages of social networking sites on adolescents.
“The Influence of Social Networking Sites” in “Introduction to Digital Literacy” explains that while there are some drawbacks to social networks, the positives seem to outweigh the negatives (Bowles, 2013). The users of these sites, Facebook and Twitter specifically, know and understand the risks associated with them, and are willing to look past the flaws in order to expand their own social circle, both personally and professionally. An additional benefit of social networking is the availability of cultural awareness. People have a better chance of learning about other cultures, thus enhancing general knowledge of them. Though the media insists…

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