Benefits Of Smoking In Public Places

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Register to read the introduction… Cigarette butts disposed by smokers comprise the large majority of litter on beaches and in many other public places such as sidewalks, parks, and playgrounds. This can cause pollution in the sea and soil. Many environmental groups have conveyed apprehension for marine creatures that unknowingly consume littered filters. Birds and other wildlife had swallowed improperly discarded cigarette butts in outdoor areas and suffered from disorders or death [7]. If cigarette butts are not puffed off, they can cause fire or other dangerous event. There have been incidents of ignition of fire in forests due to the cigarettes, which led to wide destructions. Appropriate disposal of cigarette butts can prevent these …show more content…
There is a vast population of smokers who are chronic smokers, and having to stop their smoking habit in outdoor places can be difficult for some to manage. Some smokers agree that there is no need to ban smoking in public places since the government had already taken many steps to deal with the negative effects of secondhand smoke. They also believe that smoking in public places should be allow, so their rights are not violated since prohibition, as considered by smokers, is a serious violation of their human rights. Smoking is their choice; they should not be deny of that choice since they are citizens of this country who are guaranteed under the Constitution to have equal and free access to all rights and freedoms. Even though, these chronic smokers are trying to protect their rights, at the same time, they fail to realize that their choices violate the right of other people-those who do not smoke or like smoking in public places. Smoking in public places have harmful effects on the people surrounding them; smokers should comprehend that at this point their rights had already ended there since the rights of others are violated and their health are put in

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