Benefits Of Single Sex Education Essay

1002 Words Dec 9th, 2015 5 Pages
Did you know it’s proven that students achieve greater academic standing when attending a single-sex school, male or female? Did you know that nearly 81% female graduates from independent single-sex schools scored "above average" or "in the highest 10 percent" for academic ability, compared with 75% of female coeducational students? In many recent systematic reviews by the Department of Education, single-sex education has been rated higher than a coed education. I, myself, went to an all-male high school, know what the process is like and the advantages it comes with. Single-sex education, whether you’re male or female, comes with many advantages over coed education, which helps students prepare for college & the sophisticated world in a better manner.
Distractions play a huge role in schooling and why some students aren’t as successful as they could be. It’s proven that many students are often distracted more when enrolled in a coed school, due to having to spend the school day with the opposite sex. While students in a single-sex school, that isn’t a problem, which allows students to focus more seriously on their schoolwork as well as participate more in class. Without the opposite sex in class, students are more likely to be leaders and reach higher levels of achievement, which leads to a rise in professional aspirations and higher self-confidence. Some people say that a coed education is better because it allows boys and girls to interact together daily. An all male…

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