Benefits Of Shopping At Food Lion

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Making a grocery trip to Food Lion is something I actually look forward to doing. It is less expensive than Harris Teeter, but not as crazy as Walmart. For this project, shopping at Food Lion was a quick and pleasant experience. I was able to get everything I needed for the 2-week meal plan with only using the $100 SNAP benefits. At Food Lion I had no problem buying an assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables. There was also a wide range of meat that I was able to choose from. I ended up purchasing skinless chicken and lean turkey beef, which is a healthier choice for a person with diabetes. I was also able to make sure I stayed away from foods with a lot of carbs and sugars. Not only was there an abundance of food, but it was all really fresh …show more content…
The food was very limited and it can be very pricy compared to Food Lion. Outtakes gives off the convenience store feel on campus because of the low inventory and higher prices. It was really difficult to be able to find healthy foods for a diabetic person. There was almost no fresh fruits or vegetables available to buy. I was able to purchase fresh bananas but other than that all the fruits and vegetables were either canned or frozen. There also wasn’t any meat besides hot dogs, bacon, or already processed meat in frozen meals. Outtakes had abundance of unhealthy snacks like chips, candy, and soda instead of fresh products. For a diabetic college student that could really affect their health because they would be more inclined to buy the unhealthy snacks than the over priced Naked smoothies or frozen veggies. I found it very difficult to plan meals from outtakes. I had to resort to frozen TV dinners in order just to get buy for some of the dinners but could only buy 3 because of each one being $3.99. Shopping at Outtakes was really unsettling to me because it is just not an ideal way to get healthy balanced meals. To add to it, a lot of people that have to relay on convince stores for their food so they aren’t able to get all the nutrients they need. Overall, the quantity and quality of the food was not nearly as wholesome as it was at Food

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