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The year is 2016, and in this day and age smartphones are the juggernauts of our world. These handheld devices allow us to make phone calls, use applications and, even bank all seamlessly. Smartphones also allow users to be connected to the internet and grant users access to social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more. These social media outlets allow us to communicate with anyone around the planet in a matter of moments. We can share pictures, videos, create statuses, like and comment and, more. But with all these benefits social media gives us how many of get addicted to it? To the point where we are constantly glued to our phones 24/7 liking/sharing and commenting. It gets to the point where we broadcast our lives on social …show more content…
Ham directs her feelings of social media towards everyone. There is no set age for this article she could be talking to a thirteen year old teenager or she could be talking to a sixty five year old. This article appeals to all users of social media. Ham uses a somewhat humorous and serious tone throughout the story to support her thesis. Going back to the dangers of oversharing on social media Ham recalls a South African man who called his boss a "serial masturbator".(¶5) Ham also continuous this use of humorous tone, Ham says “Does my social circle need to know that the sour cream at Chipotle tastes "a little off"? Tough call. Could be a public health issue.” (¶4) Ham uses a humorous/serious tone to help her readers comprehend her feelings towards the topic of sharing and when it should and shouldn’t be …show more content…
Since social media is the preferred method of communication nowadays people rather communicate over the internet rather than face to face we have to be careful what we want people to see. Ham doesn’t want people to be “crushed under the weight of your own narcissism, banality, and plain old stupidity.” (¶5) Ham doesn’t want people be afraid to be to share on social media. Many others believe that sharing on social media is dangerous because you are exposing your life to strangers. They say you’re revealing information about your personal life but as the user posting you just have to be conscious about what you post that’s all. The audience may use this to educate themselves on using social

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