Benefits Of Selling Books And Goods Over The Internet Essay

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Online shopping is the new thing now a day, this has allowed for a large exposure to potential customer; the more patrons you are exposed to the more likely you will make sales. Over the course of this Case Assignment I will provide the advantages and disadvantages of selling books and goods over the internet, I will discuss potential increase in sales for Amazon if books were able to be downloaded online, and I will discuss benefits to venturing into the e-commerce concept that pertain to the traditional retail stores.

The concept E-commerce is short for Electronic Commerce it is defined as “the exchange transactions which take place over the Internet primarily using digital technology” (Wollan, PPT, n.d). In the mid 1990s Amazon began by packaging and shipping books in a small warehouse with just a handful of employees; originally selling books was the extent of selling products for Amazon’s business operations but Amazon began receiving consumer inputs requesting music, more than books. Amazon’s consumer clientele is just shy of 50 million. “In early 2000s Amazon ranked amongst the top Internet Retailers list, with sales exceeding $6 billion”. (Amazon: E-Commerce, 2009) E-commerce offers a magnitude of advantages to retailers when selling products online. Marketplace strategies such as Amazon offer smaller business retailers an opportunity to create an image of their products, increase their product range and inventory. “Utilizing Amazon, consumers have the…

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