Benefits Of School Choice In Education

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Every kid is unique and a single school cannot fit all the kids. School choice has been in existence for the last two decades and many people advocate for it. Many scholars have conducted researches that have identified the economic benefits of school choice in the education system. Over the last a couple of decades, there has been a development of new types of school choice, which have changed the platform of education.
One of the key economic arguments in favour of school choice is the fact that it provides incentives for better performance thus competition amongst schools. For a school to attract the best performing students in the district, it must perform well. Many students would choose to join the best performing schools.
The other benefit of school choice relates to the presence of poor quality urban schools. Allowing parents and children to make choices of schools helps them to avoid joining low quality schools. It is only in high quality schools that a student would perform well. Therefore, parents would not end up wasting their money in low quality
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Historical states have always concentrated their resources in promoting the access to higher education by the disadvantaged students. Instead of focusing on access, the states now focus on rewarding the best performing students and subsidizing the school fees, which favors the students from the rich families in expense of the students from poor families. State financing not only affect the affordability of higher education, but also the access. The influence is not only directly, for example, through the financial aids that the states offer to the students, but also indirectly through the amount of school fees that the colleges and universities charge students, for example, the tuition fee. The access into higher education is not efficient because of the fact that the financial aid that the government offers to students, especially students from low income families does not match the increase in the price of higher learning, as well as, the cost of living. It is not efficient because it does not reduce the gap between the rich students that can access higher education and the poor students that can access higher

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