Benefits Of School Children Attending Extracurricular Activities

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The Benefits of School Children Participating in Extracurricular Activities There are many benefits to participating in extracurricular activities. Social or educational activities outside of a student’s academic studies can improve the student’s behaviour. Children can learn new skills and experiences through activities in and out of school. Extracurricular activities can increase a student’s acceptance into colleges or universities. Child participation in extracurricular activities does lead to improved behaviour, learning of new skills and experiences, and better chances of getting into universities/colleges, resulting in increased student success and ultimately, in life. Participating in activities outside of school can improve the behaviour of children such as increased self-esteem and reduced selfishness. Participating in extracurricular activities can “foster a sense of commitment to a cause or purpose and they reduce selfish behavior.” (Pilgrim) By being involved and interacting with other students, they will learn how to put others before themselves. For example, volunteering can be a great activity for children who need to learn how to care for others, whether it is volunteering at a group home, community center or school. “Students that participate in extracurricular activities have reduced behaviour problems…when students perform these things correctly they are rewarded for their good behaviour and take pride in their accomplishments. Because of the pride they…

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