Benefits Of Risk For Sids Essay

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Risk for SIDS Inability to acknowledge the existence of the problem due to lack of knowledge The caregivers will reduce or eliminate modifiable risk factors associated to SIDS After the nursing interventions, the caregivers will verbalize understanding of risk factors and provide all precautions possible to prevent SIDS

Nursing Interventions
1) Educate caregivers to position child in supine position. Occurrence of SIDS is higher when child is placed in prone position.
2) Raise child’s head slightly when placed in bed or crib to reduce abdominal pressure on diaphragm and allow better expansion of lungs.
3) Encourage separate sleep space for the child. Bed sharing is linked to an increased risk of suffocation, falls, overheating and crushing injuries.
4) Place child on a steady surface to preclude her from sinking into the mattress or blanket.
5) Maintain appropriate room temperature and avoid covering the child with heavy blankets. Extreme heat has been recognized as a possible risk factor for SIDS.
6) Educate caregivers to avoid having loose blankets, toys, or other objects in bed to reduce risk of unintentional asphyxiation.
7) Educate parents on the relationship between cigarette smoking and SIDS. Smoking is the most significant modifiable risk factor in reducing the risk of SIDS. Teach parents strategies to decrease child’s exposure to cigarette smoke. Advise parents to smoke outside the house and keep the house and car smoke free.
8) Educate parents regarding…

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