Essay on Benefits Of Risk Factors For Nutrition

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Risk Factors While nutrition can cause potential problems, healthcare workers are worried about the nutrition status of a patient before conception as well as during the fetal development. Lack of nutrition before conception and being of adolescence age can cause risk factors such as low-birth-weight and preterm labor. (Lowdermilk, Perry, & Cashion, 2010) Since the patient is lacking in any prenatal care or education, intervention; when appropriate, will need to be utilized. The patient has had a previous pregnancy which was aborted, at this appointment she should have received some educational information on how to take care of herself and her body while going through adolescence. Some educational information should have been given as well to promote healthy nutrition habits for future instances of conception. Adolescence is a time of rapid growth and development where the body is fighting for the nutrients needed to help sustain a homeostasis level as much as possible. During pregnancy a woman’s body is in need of increased supplements to ensure the fetus is growing at a developmentally appropriate stage as well, including increased need for energy. In order to promote fetal growth, an adolescent should consume an additional 100-300 calories per day for the first twenty two weeks, and an additional 450 calories are desired in the third trimester to support the rapid fetal growth. (Story, Stang, & Feldman) Assuming the patient does not count calories throughout the…

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