Can You Rent A Car Under 25 Analysis

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Can You Rent A Car Under 25
Car is one of the basic transportations that are needed by us. It goes along with the train, bus, ship, airplane, tricycle and any other means of transportations which help the people travel to different places without so much effort and time wasted.
In ancient times, people only walk if they wanted to go to a different place. While others are using horses to make the journey faster however, not all of all them have it. Then time passes by, few people were born with gifted minds and were able to discover and invent the train. And without people noticing, new technologies were introduced in different aspects such as communications, machineries, transportations and etc.
Car is the result of those never-ending innovations
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They buy cars and have it rented by others. Especially if you do not know the place, all you have to do is to enter the address into the GPS. Or, if you are in a hurry for your job or study, it is a good choice for you to rent a car instead of taking a bus because it will take some time for you to wait. Sometimes, whether you are in business or pleasure, there will just come a time that you need to rent a car.
However, renting a car is not that easy just like buying a candy. Although renting a car under 25 is not an impossible one, it would just require you additional fees. Naturally, at the age of 18, you can already vote, find job, pay taxes however, when it comes to cars especially rent a car under 25, many companies of rental cars would not dare to trust you to ride their vehicles if you are under the age of 25.
The reason why many car rental companies do not take this risk because statistically, drivers under the age of 25 are more prone to vehicular accidents compared to the over 25 age groups. Because of these, many rental car companies penalize even those young drivers with good records by restricting some type of cars that will be rented, charging high daily fees and sometimes, banning some drivers to rent a
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You have responsibilities to the car you rented and to the company where you rented the car. The first one is damage to a rental car: you need to check the car before you rent it. So, you need to return the car safely in it’s the same shape. If you got into a vehicular accident, whether you are the one who caused it or not, you are liable to pay the damages which includes the total cost of the car if the accident was severe.
The second one is the gasoline of the rented vehicle. If you are renting a car, you will be responsible for its gasoline. You will also need to return the car with the same exact amount of gasoline in it like from the day you rented the car. If you fail to comply, you will be also charged with the refueling fee along with the estimated rental fees.
To sum it all, renting a car especially if your age is under 25 years old is really expensive, difficult and nearly impossible. So if you are in the ages between 18 and 21, you need to check on the transportation choices so that you can avoid this high daily charge. Owning or buying your own car may be a convenient choice for you but the cost may be not be a good option for you if there are still other cheap and affordable transportation options for you. One of those affordable public transportations is a bus. So riding with a bus may not be a bad idea after all if you want to save

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