Benefits Of Renewable Energy Sources Essay

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1. Introduction

Oil 's high energy content has made it the principal liquid fuel of choice, with transport

accounting for over 25% of energy use (and still growing) in economically advanced

countries. Increasing atmospheric CO2 concentration, and the potential for significant

greenhouse gas-mediated climate change, which now seems likely to affect all parts of the

world provides real challenges for scientists all over the world.

Petroleum is a limited resource that will eventually run out or become too expensive to

recover. These factors are driving the development of renewable energy sources that can

supplant fossil fuels, and allow greater access to fuel resources for all nations, while greatly

reducing carbon emissions into the atmosphere. A number of technologies have been

examined as renewable energy sources and, although no single strategy is likely to provide

a total solution, it seems possible that a combination of strategies can be employed that will

substantially decrease our dependence on fossil fuels.

An attractive alternative to oil is liquid biofuel, derived from plants, which as they grow

will absorb as much carbon dioxide as is subsequently released when they are combusted.

This means that the net production of carbon dioxide can be lower than that from burning

a fossil fuel.

However, energy and other inputs are still required for the production of the biofuel and

these lead to significant greenhouse gas emissions.

Biofuel describes a…

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