Benefits Of Relax And Make Yourself In Shava Asana

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 Make yourself in Shava Asana. Now raise whole body towards sky in such a way that that only shoulder and head is on the ground .
 While inverting yourself balance your raised body with the help of your hands holding the back with bent elbows on the the floor ,making broad base for supporting upright straight body.
 Try to keep raised part of body straight as shown in picture.
 During this maintain normal breathing and stay in the posture for a while.
 Now slowly slowly bring down raised part of body on the floor.
 Remove your hands from holding back position to relaxed lie flat position as in Shava Asana.


 It smoothens the functioning of thyroid and parathyroid glands, brain, digestive system, venous system, excretory system and cardiac muscles.
 It provides
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 Relax and make yourself in Shava Asana. Now move your body at 90 degree to floor in such a way that only one side of your body touches the ground as shown in picture.
 If you moved towards right side of your body then take out your right hand and support your head with firm elbow footing on the floor as shown in the picture.
 Now bring left hand palm on the floor just in close proximity of chest as shown in picture.
 Keep your legs straight , one above another parallelly placed. Now raise your left leg upwards as much as it can go up and then slowly bring it down by rotating clockwise and then going in other direction continuing clockwise circular motion.
 After 3-4 circular movements bring down leg in resting position.
 Now lie on your back and repeat all steps with other side of your body.


 It helps in strengthening your lower body especially the pelvic joint through circular movements.
 It brings flexibility.

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