Essay on Benefits Of Reducing Worker 's Hours

1177 Words May 11th, 2016 null Page
Reducing worker’s hours, due to an increase in minimum wage, affect employees who work lower end jobs. If the unemployment rate increases, the possibility of getting a job can be slim because of everyone else looking to get hired. If there are not enough jobs, people with a higher education will be attracted to lower end jobs and will surpass those who typically work the lower end jobs (Reisman). If two applicants apply for the same lower end job, one with a higher education than the other, the one with the higher education is more likely to get the job because of his/her level of education. Even if the job does not require a certain level of education, it looks better and gives the applicant an advantage to getting hired. Due to the competition for lower end jobs, workers with less education will find it hard to find a job because they are outcompeted by the competitors, in this case applicants with a higher education. Finding a job for those with less education can take weeks, or even months, that’s weeks or months without an income to live off of and having no income leads to living in poverty.
Though people can assume that raising the minimum wage will allow them to receive more money for their work, there is also a downfall to this law being passed. If the wage was to increase to $15 dollars an hour, corporate companies would not have a problem paying their many employees this amount because they make enough profit from their company to repay their workers. However,…

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