Benefits Of Raising Healthy Kids Essay

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Raising Healthy Kids will use a convenience sample of pre-school and kindergarten children between 3 to 5years from 3 private schools in the Accra Metropolitan area, Ghana. The program will use a three stage process to recruit participating schools that will receive program interventions. In the first stage of the process we will identify all privates school in Accra that has an early childhood development center. When this is done we will mail a package that consists of an application and information explaining the program, its objectives and eligibility requirements. Eligibility requirement includes having a well equipped play ground and a functioning kitchen with at least three working staff. Enrollment for eligible school is voluntary. Based on the number of application we receive schools will be randomly stratified in to three groups and then randomly select two schools from each group. In the last stage randomly selected schools will be put in a poll and a last randomly selection will be conducted to picked the 3 participating school. After the selection process a Raising Healthy Kids project manager will conduct an inspection to make sure the 3 schools facilities meet the program requirements. If a selected school does not meet the eligibility criteria we will go back into the application poll to select another school at random. Children participation will be based on enrollment status and consent forms will be filled and signed by parents/guardians. CATCH Early…

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