Benefits Of Providing Holistic Care Essay

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In a makeshift clinic in the mountains of rural Honduras, five hundred optimistic villagers lined up for a medical consultation, a luxury for many of people there. One of the first patients I saw was a 43-year-old woman who was visibly out of breath after having labored up the hill. While measuring her vital signs I noticed her high respiratory rate, wheezing and general fatigue - all potential characteristics of lung disease. My mind immediately raced from visions of minute particles of smoke entering her nasal passages and clogging up her bronchioles, to how blackened and tarred I imagined her lung must be. She was subsequently diagnosed with asthma and given a three-month supply of inhalers to aid her symptoms. While taking her medication in the clinic, tears filled her eyes as she felt her symptoms improve. However, I knew that without broader intervention her relief would be fleeting and last only as long as the prescription.

While observing this consultation along with many others during my service trip, I learned about the importance of providing holistic care. I started to appreciate how personal interactions with patients led to developing a more effective treatment plan. In this case, the patient had told us that she spent the majority of her day cooking in a poorly ventilated kitchen and cleaning crops in a windowless room with a constant current of dust and pesticide over her head. Thus, the doctor recommended she move her stove outside her house and wear a…

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