Benefits Of Playing Football Outweigh The Risks Essay

711 Words May 4th, 2016 3 Pages
In writing any paper I do my best to adhere to the rules and guidelines given to me in order to write the assignment as well as I can. The reason I choose to say my research paper is not exemplary is because there is always room for improvement but I do believe my research essay over whether or not the benefits of playing football outweigh the risks is a successful paper. My research paper to me felt like it stayed on topic and was easy for my audience to read, comprehend, and hopefully urge them to form their own opinion. My research paper is successful I believe because it fulfills the course outcome requirements, analyzes my subject while supporting it with evidence, but may lack in other areas such as organization and logic. The use of credible scholarly sources as support for my main claim is one of the requirements in having a successful paper. I believe that the use of my many credible sources I fulfilled this requirement. Not only in just fulfilling this requirement but I strongly believe that the sources give strong support to my thesis statement. Throughout my research essay I paraphrased, summarized, and quoted important information from my sources and cited them correctly according to MLA guidelines. By doing so I was able to give my audience reasons to believe my side on this issue and making it easier for them to understand the subject. I correctly cited my sources using parenthetical citation which would make it quite easy for my audience to then refer to…

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