Benefits Of Paying For Health Services Essay

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Sicko has opened my eyes to a side of private health insurance that I did not think about before watching this documentary. I am fortunate that I have health insurance and had not any serious medical conditions where I needed approval for treatments. I was shocked how American health insurance companies denied potential clients for absurd reasons such as height and weight requirements, pre-existing health conditions, and family history. In contrast, other countries such as Canada, France, and Great Britain, have national health care is taken care of with taxes. Furthermore, workers and patients in hospitals of those countries did not understand the concept of paying for health services. I was surprised to see that the United States was ranked 37th in life expectancy and infant mortality. As Michael Moore pointed out, America has focused more on other public services such as education and law enforcement that universal health care has not established. Instead, health insurance companies are business that are mostly interested in making money and not caring for the well-being of its members. The relationship between politicians and health insurance companies complicates any establishment of universal health insurance in America because the companies support politicians who pass or reject proposed bills that benefit privatization of healthcare. In return, health insurance companies can help finance politicians’ reelection campaigns that keep them in office.
Before this video,…

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