Should High School Students Have Part-Time Jobs?

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Should High School Students Have Part-Time Jobs? According to The Washington Times, the number of employed high schools in America has hit its lowest level in more than 20 years. In 1990, 32 percent of high school students held jobs, versus just 16 percent in 2012. (Wolfgang). The statistic seems that part time jobs for high school students tend to decrease in our country, but it does not mean that high school students do not like to work during school time. Part time jobs still become very common for young generations, especially high school and college students because they wish to take up part time jobs as an alternative to finance their wants and needs to become responsible adults and be independent from their parents who play an important …show more content…
Therefore, they will lack concentration in school and maybe get low grades or drop out of school. However, because of struggling to find time for school, high school students with part time job can learn how to mage their time wisely. The best thing one learns by doing part time jobs is time management skills-one of the biggest lessons of human’s life, yet learning to manage the time more efficiently and getting used to it as soon as possible is pretty much important. Most high school students do not know what to do after school. Many high school students waste their time watching TV, playing games, or texting with their friends after completing homework each day. Thus, taking a part time job to help time use their time proficiently just to get some spare time, not all. It is not really true that high school students do not have enough time for students when they hold a part time job because if high school students have time to play games, chat with friends, and watch movies, they will have time for working after school. Better to learn how to cope with busy schedules in a controlled environment like working than just doing needless things after class. Furthermore, having part time jobs in high school are helpful because they teach students how to be responsible and balance multiple demands on their time. High school students with part time job may have less free time than non-working students, and they may not have much free time left for friends, family, personal interests or even rest. On the other hand, it is possible that working forces students to be more effective managers of their time. They need to manage their time wisely to balance studying, socializing, and working because some part time job cans interfere with essential study time or important

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