Benefits Of Osteopathic Medicine

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Sunny days were filled with tropical weather adventures and blissful curiosity that was satisfied through exploration. As a child growing up in Haiti there were plenty of chances to interact within a diverse culture. Experiences in my early years as a child, helped to mold and shape my optimistic outlook on the future. Growing up in a disadvantaged community where tough times exist, but with a closer look you will soon realize that tougher people exist there too. So it does not come as a surprise when others would describe me as having a high level of resiliency and a caring heart, qualities I have acquired growing up within that environment. I intend to allow those qualities to propel me to the realization of my dream, which is practicing Osteopathic Medicine as a …show more content…
In the later part of my childhood, my family and I moved to the United States. Living in the U.S provide a wide range of opportunity for which I am grateful but just like anywhere else in the world, opportunities work better when you make the best of them. While adjusting to a new country there were several barriers that I had to overcome, such as language and socioeconomic disadvantage. This is alluding to the work of an Osteopathic physician, there will come times where there will be communication barriers with patients or socioeconomic barriers that prevent certain procedure that the patient may not be able to afford or their culture/religion does agree with. According to the Osteopathic Physician philosophy, there are training that take in consideration those aspect of medicine and teach the physician on how to deal with those aspects. This is one of the many reason why I am intrinsically motivated to practice Osteopathic

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