Occupational Therapy Argumentative Essay

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Occupational therapy is used to fill the needs and desires of individuals that are trying to return to their normal lives. Often, occupational therapists work with people of all ages who have health conditions that limit their ability to complete everyday tasks. The main goal of occupational therapy is to work with patients in order to help them regain independence. If full independence cannot be completed, occupational therapists work to create alternatives for carrying out activities throughout all life settings. In addition to having the ability to help others, occupational therapy can be a rewarding career. It allows you to make sufficient starting salary and ways to move up in the ranks. While the salary and possibility of advancement …show more content…
Whether they are young or they are old, seeing their progress is one of the best feelings for any occupational therapist. Kids of all ages and backgrounds come to occupational therapy to develop skills that are needed throughout life. Occupational therapists can help kids work on fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, basic tasks, or even behavioral issues. In addition, occupational therapists are willing to teach children with disabilities the skills to become as independent as they can be (Harron). Studies show that working with more than one child at a time can be beneficial to their growth. It allows the children to interact with others in similar situations and can make it easier to understand the task in front of them. By establishing a structured routine with tasks that can be accomplished using teamwork, occupational therapy sessions can increase the children’s confidence and work ethic …show more content…
If you are in the process of choosing one of these careers, you really have to sit down and think about which will benefit you further down the road. Ultimately, both professions work to conquer one goal: to help improve the lives of those who are not as fortunate. However, physical often treat their “physical” needs. Physical therapy often deals with pain, strength, ranges of motion, and the ability to endure certain circumstances. Meanwhile, occupational therapy focuses on the motor skills, perception of specific things, cognitive skills, and ways to build up the five senses

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