Essay On How To Obtain A College Education

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Obtaining a college degree is a milestone that many students dream about after high school, but students across America encounter several problems that will derail their dreams of obtaining a college education. Although earning a college degree is what society believes is best, there are also other alternatives for a successful career. Society dictates that in order to be successful in life a college education is a prerequisite. There are many obstacles a student can encounter while attempting to obtain a college degree. Going to college to earn a degree is not for everyone, which is why there are many alternatives that can be very rewarding. Attending college after high school is the traditional route. Going directly into college from high school allows the student to start on a direct career path of their choice. Many students have a more difficult time in college than they did in High school, which leads to drop out. Some students may feel that they are not educated enough to attend college; therefore after High School they go directly into the work force. Students who do not learn quickly or have a learning disability take …show more content…
Many colleges work with various companies’ schools to allow internships for their students. This is extremely important to some students because this program helps with obtaining a job, when the time comes to graduation. Most employers are looking for employees who have at the minimum a Bachelors degree. Entering into the working class is very difficult, but without the proper skills it will hinder the opportunity of finding a good paying job. On average, people who have a college education make approximately 22-25 thousand more per year, versus those with a High School education. Society dictates that if you do not have a college degree, then you are underachieving and it will difficult to find a good job. This is not true for many reasons include the military and vocational

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