Essay on Benefits Of Nurses With Lawyers With Legal Cases

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pediatrics to name a few. However, there are opportunities for nurses in management, working with lawyers with legal cases, working for a police department doing forensic nursing, telecommuting, quality assurance or working for an insurance company. With all of these opportunities comes the need for further education.
Many hospitals are pushing for nursing with an associate degree to obtain at least 80% of nurses obtain bachelor’s degree by 2020 (Brooks, 2011). Some hospitalizations even have a stipulation upon hire that nurses must enroll in a bachelor’s of nursing program within six months of hire, this is known from my own experience. This is forcing nurses that have an associate’s degree in nursing to go back to school for a bachelor’s degree just to remain competitive. Education isn’t just a requirement for some. For some nurses, an increase in knowledge affords them more opportunities as Nurse Practitioners, Nurse Anesthetist, and Nurse First Assist in the operating room, Nurse Midwife and Master’s in Healthcare Administration along with many other opportunities, many of which were considered to be a doctor’s scope of practice.
Future Nursing. Nursing have experience many changes in the last five years alone. Paper charting has almost become a thing of the past with most charting taking place on Electronic Medical Records (EMR’S) or Electronic Health Records (EHR’s) (Shortell, 2010). There are four main themes for the future of nursing, according to Brooks, 2011…

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