Being A Vegetarian Research Paper

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Well, should you be a vegetarian? And we know what you are thinking, “Why is this paper telling me something I don’t care about? I am not going to give up meat.” This paper will convince you to give up eating meat whether you realize it is happening or not. So get ready and buckle up your buns, as you are in for a ride of a lifetime; because being a vegetarian has more health benefits and benefits overall the small disadvantage of not eating meat. It has been widely stated that some believe that once you stop eating meat you can no longer obtain protein, because meat is the only way to obtain any source of protein or any other vitamins that meat contain. Naturally to this vegetarians respond with some facts about living with this lifestyle, which you will be informed of later on in this paper, but they are carelessly ignored by the meat loving people whom do not care to learn about other healthy options than when the next steak will be served. To this vegetarians find it infuriating that people refuse to change their outlooks to things and open their minds to other possibilities if those same possibilities interfere with their next meat filled meal. Now we are not saying that people should stop eating meat because frankly you can do what you please, however after we make our case are you sure you are going to want to continue to eat meat? There are too many benefits of not eating meat and it would take ten more …show more content…
Let’s take a look at all the advantages of being a meat eater. A tasty meal, oh wow so impressive. Claps and pats on the back to you meat eaters, you guys sure have shown us vegetarians. That’s it, only a tasty meal which you could easily equal to or surpass with vegetarian meals. Vegetarians know which side they’re on and which side is really the winner here, but do

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