Benefits Of My Life After High School

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Register to read the introduction… I do still plan to go into college but I decided to pay it upfront rather then to pay it with loans which would just be burden. I plan to get a bachelors degree, a master’s degree, and my MBA for accounting and business. While in college I will not do the same mistakes I did during my high school years I will try my best to be on time and turn in all my work early. Also join in some more clubs or circular activities while attending college, after college I will look for a job that pay better and have a much higher degree of my skills such as a manager in a company or accountant. Also to have a family and own a house and some buildings which I will rent out to produce a passive accent I plan to invest on bonds and stock that will be sold at a profit of 30-36% of what I bought them for. Before going to college right after high school my goal is to find employment in the bank which was offered by a supervisor …show more content…
This gives me an advantage as well because I know what the workers feel like and what they do to increase production. It also gives me an advantage because I don’t just think from one point of view I think from both either the customers view and the sellers. Seeing what is needed and what is the most or least some one is willing to pay for it and will It work as well as how much profit it shall gain from selling or investing. I know how to communicate with people and I seem to convince people to hear what I want them to hear and to listen to me. I plan to increase profits for a company I work for by a bit in any way I can, as well as increasing efficiency in the job. It will be a stepping stone to my career path it will also teach me new things that I may have not learned or new ways to deal with situation in a better way or how I can invest, or make profits come out with larger numbers. I am enthusiastic, and have great charisma and communication

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