Benefits Of Moving Away From Your Family Essay

731 Words Dec 2nd, 2016 3 Pages
Moving away from your family is hard, and most people could come to understand that, but I feel that moving away from my family is more difficult than average. I started my abroad education at Colorado State University, after of a semester there I got accepted into UC Davis (my dream University). Although I had a vague idea of what being alone and away from those that I care the most for, moving once again to California presented many more challenges I had previously ignored. This quarter for me at Davis has allowed me to come about with much needed personal growth, and I feel that I have matured even more, on my own. Starting all over, in a new environment, dealing with new kinds of people, and adjusting to a new educational system seemed to me easy at the time; I thought that I had already adjusted to dealing with those sorts of things in Colorado. What I did ignore was that any change, no matter how big or small, or how well prepared you think you might be, has an impact on you. In terms of academics, the grading system, and the quarter programs took a while for me to get used to; I had to learn to be patient, and to understand my frustrations. Classes did result to be difficult, I have had to put in my utmost effort in all of my classes to pass them all. Balancing my time from work and school has also taught me to be wise with my time management. Having to be in class on time, eating properly, having time to do my laundry, doing homework, and working has made me…

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