Benefits Of Modern Medicine In Modern Society

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Register to read the introduction… There are various advantages of using modern medicine in the social aspect of the modern society. By bringing people from different profession (engineers for prosthetics, pharmacists for medications, kinesiologist for rehabilitation etc.), Brings about different ideas, thereby establishing a cohesive society and improving the modern society socially through medicine. Volunteers are also an important social aspect of modern medicine, these volunteers are the participants of experiments, people who assist in bringing medical assistance to people in need. In that respect is likewise the mind of public health which accompanies modern medicine because the utilization of technology improves the quality of care, decreases the waiting time, improves the doctor-patient interaction because the patient is certain that the doctor would discover the best course of treatment therefore increasing the social facet of fellowship. Also looking at the economic aspect, modern medicine has put a lot into modern society. Things like e-prescribing and electronic health record system assist the doctors revisit the patient history so there is better understanding of the illness and understanding what exactly the patient needs. There is more efficient care with modern medicine, therefore there is less wait time at the hospital, lower revisiting rate and even a better quality health therefore saving more money for the government. In modern medicine, the production of medical technology is a growing sector, there are more investments which brings revenue and creates jobs, therefore increasing the economic aspect of the modern society. Finally, the patients that are treated with modern medicine are well enough to contribute effectively to the modern society, therefore, rather than losing the work force, there are more people who are now available to work efficiently and for a longer span …show more content…
By identifying and preventing illnesses, modern medicine has greatly improved lives, improved the economy and also diagnosed underlying illnesses in the modern

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