Benefits Of Long Term Marriage Essay

728 Words Oct 31st, 2015 3 Pages
Even though maintaining long-term relationships, such as long-term marriage are not easy to do, there are actions that can help on making it longer. Settles (2015) believed that long-term marriage “requires attention to relationships throughout life,” and “being loving and showing is a cumulative process.” She then gave suggestions on what couples can do to make good on maintaining relationships. She suggested that one should give their partners’ demand priorities over others’. From her suggestions, one can tell that long-term marriage is fragile. Therefore, it needs both parties constantly investment throughout the life course. On the other hand, for those couples that are already in a disadvantaged position, there are methods for them to be supported on relationships as well. Settles (2015) offered suggestions to these couples as well. She mentioned that expressing their emotions to the partner could be a way to improve the relationship. In addition, “changing the near environment”, and “developing new interests could also be helpful. Technologies make families live in a less private environment in today’s society. While people outside the family can disclose family private information, family members can do the same thing, too. (Petronio. 2010). Given Leeder’s (2004) explanation on families, which was “a family is a group of people who have intimate social relationships and have a history of together”, cohabitation couples may be included in the concept of…

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