Essay Benefits Of Listening To Employees

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Benefits of Listening to Employees Intuitively, employee satisfaction correlates with employee performance. Thus, organizations that listen to employees increase performance by increasing employee satisfaction. Additionally, listening to employees increases the employees’ commitment to the organization as a whole. This aspect is the greatest benefit when discussing how listening to employees can lead to a stronger overall market orientation for an organization. In regards to the performance of the company, committed and satisfied employees serve a twofold purpose: they can effectively serve the customer as well as create new innovative solutions that help the organization better serve the customer. Organizational commitment. Since each individual employee has unique factors that result in loyalty, creating organizational commitment can be a perplexing task for a company. The purpose of gaining organizational commitment has a multitude of benefits, including motivation to perform a task …show more content…
Employee satisfaction is created using similar methods as organizational commitment, but has direct impacts on the customer satisfaction. Larson and Sasser determine that employees who are content display the positive behaviors to necessary to serve customers effectively (2000). This ability to serve the customer arises because employees who enjoy their job are more willing to find solutions for the customers since they actually enjoy providing customer service. Moreover, satisfied employees find solutions and manage business accounts more effectively because these employees are invested in serving the customer. For example, a satisfied employee makes the effort to explain the problem to the customer in understandable terms along with solving the issue, instead of simply solving the issue. The additional effort and motivation to make the interaction between the customer and the organization enjoyable is what leads to a successful market oriented

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