Benefits Of Lemon Essay

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The Good Benefits of Drinking Warm Lemon Water in our Body

We, humans need vitamins to be healthy especially Vitamin C which strengthens our immune system. Our immune system fights or protects us from diseases and bacteria that try to enter our body. One example of the fruit which is rich in Vitamin C is lemon and was thought to have grown first in Assam (region found in Northeast India) and Northern Burma or China.
Lemon is widely used as a cleaning agent, for culinary uses, industrial uses and medicinal uses. It is a great source of Vitamin C which provides 64% of the Daily Value in a 100g serving. As of 2012, China, India and Mexico are the leading countries that produce more lemons compared to other countries. Lemons are widely known
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• Cleansing our body
It helps remove toxins in our body which keeps our urinary tract hale and hearty. The citric acid stimulates the liver to produce enough amount of bile and helps in detoxification.
• Strengthens our Immune System
As mentioned before that lemon is a source of Vitamin C which is a good fighter against common colds. They are rich in potassium which helps in nourishing our brain and nerve system. It also controls the blood pressure of our body. Potassium also helps in lessening the amount of phlegm in our body.
• Balances the pH level in our body
Lemons are naturally acidic but once it is consumed and already inside the body, they are alkaline. Weak acids such as citric and ascorbic acid which can be found in lemon can be metabolized easily by the body that helps alkalize the food. Removing the acidity of the body by drinking lemon water regularly helps in one’s health.
• Helps attain clearer skin
The antioxidants from lemon lessen blemish and wrinkles in our skin. Vitamin C which aids in fighting bacteria against acne helps in rejuvenating our skin by detoxifying our blood which produces clearer and glowing
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It also nourishes our brain and nerve system to function properly.
• It freshens our breath
Lemons are widely known because it also cures toothache and gingivitis. Since citric acid can destroy our enamel, you should brush your teeth first before drinking your warm lemon water.
• Helps us to maintain the health of our eyes and prevents us from having eye problems.
• Aids in reducing caffeine intake
Almost all of us are drinking coffee every morning but by substituting it to lemon water every morning helps us calm our nerves due to its calming effect.
• Helps in fighting Viral Infections
By consuming warm lemon water is the most effective way to fight against viral infections and it soothes our sore throat.
• Provides healing properties
Healing properties cannot be only seen in guava and malunggay leaves but also in lemon. Ascorbic acid which is present in lemons helps wounds to heal faster and an important nutrient to maintain strong bones, healthy connective tissues and cartilage to ensure good health and for faster recovery from stress and minor injuries.
• Hydrates the Lymph System of our

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