Benefits Of Legalization Of Marijuana Essay

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Benefits to Legalization of Recreational Marijuana in California In the Untied States today people are often faced with the challenge of biased rules and regulations, the prohibition of marijuana is one of these laws. America is a modernized country with no need for excessive boundaries on drugs that can have a positive impact on some people’s lives. The medical use of marijuana in California, one of the United States most economically thriving states, has proven itself to be a benefit. In this modern era we live in the legalization of recreational marijuana in California will benefit the users, the economy, and it is a personal freedom that everyone of age should be able to have. Despite the beliefs people hold about marijuana causing addiction and corruption within our economy, they do not hold true. Marijuana plays a large role in todays pop culture and society. Not to mention the accumulative benefits marijuana has, it is a drug that has a potential to change our society for the better. The state of California has always played a large role in the marijuana industry. From 1996, when marijuana was first legalized in California for medical use, California has produced sixty to seventy percent of all marijuana consumed in the country. Marijuana is the most commonly used illegal drug in the world. As stated in the opposing viewpoints book, The Legalization of Marijuana, “Globally, between 125 million and 200 million people use marijuana in the course of a year; that’s…

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