Benefits Of Learning A New Language

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It’s not easy to learn a new language that one never hear or speak before. Therefore, learning a new language can be tedious or detrimental for many people. However, for others, who are familiar with the language already, can say it’s effortless. From my perspective, learning a new language can be difficult. Perseverance and a thrill to learn, one can master this new skill. My encounter to learn a new language starts with when I went to the country (Guinea) in West Africa. People in this country speaks many languages, but the two most popular languages are French, and a native language call Susu which I don’t speak or understand. I went to Guinea in 1997 for an interview to come to the United States. I arrive in Guinea in the evening …show more content…
Towards a year, I can talk well in Susu but not French- which I only understand. I then start to make friends and went to the store by myself. Unfortunately for me, I start to help Inna in her store selling cookery to the auto mechanic people. I become more independent and as time goes by, My Susu become more fluent and clear. The feeling that I have before of wanted to go back to my Country subsided. Nevertheless, it’s not too long before my papers got approve to come to the United States. Inna was sad because I was leaving. More importantly, I am the only one that uses to help her in the store. Both of us get up at 5 am in the morning to start preparing the food to sell. On my day of departure, Inna escort me to the airport along with the neighbors and Fanta, with tears on there eyes, Inna bless me in Susu for everything. Inna did not leave the airport until the plane hovering. About 6 years of being in the United State, Inna who is my best friend also came. Finally, one can see the difficulties that a people have to go through in other to conquer the skills of learning a new language. Sometime one must set their pride aside in other to comprehend the language they are trying to master. However, one must know that at the end the victory belongs to one

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