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Today, the science and technology are rapidly developing, and they affect every aspect of our lives, especially, they are changing the way people communicating and doing business. LINE, a popular social media tool from Japan, is a product of the general need and global trends of the informational age, and the formation and development of LINE presents the trends of the mode of life, the way of communication, and the pattern of consumption.
In this report, we will present the history, organizational and users’ benefits, cost implications and risks of LINE, and finally identify our conclusion and recommendation.
LINE is a proprietary application for instant communications, and it can be easily installed on electronic devices
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People can install LINE on any source of technology such as smartphones or PC, therefore, they can enjoy free connection anytime and anywhere. They can share their moments on the Timeline, not only does this show friends and family what the individual is doing but also strengthen the ties between them.
For business users, including artists, celebrities, TV shows, and brands, they could build their official accounts to connect with the individual users. By creating official accounts, business users can share their latest news and special coupons with their followers. It is an innovation of the traditional business operation and advertisement, and it is much easier to target potential customers. Meanwhile, by following these official accounts, individual users can easily find news and good deals that they may be interested in. In addition, users from different countries can get different services through LINE. For example, users can order express services on LINE in Thailand, and users can contact taxi rides like Uber in Japan. With all the services provided to users, it makes their daily lives
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LINE users have to know that any social media service is not 100% secure because of the virtual atmosphere characters. First of all, accounts security issues can cause great harms because more and more people hookup multiple accounts of media platforms together on one device and some users keep using the same password for every account for a long time. A steel or lost device can lead the user’s multiple accounts to be controlled by a stranger. And then, the user’s various information can be released or misused or caused fraud. Furthermore, users have to check who they hook up with, have back up contact manners for important connectors, use alternative methods to check posts and links before they use them. Therefore, it is better for users to install and actively update anti-virus software all the time. Also any social media users who tied LINE service with their phones, should keep their phone safe all the time to prevent their phones and accounts from being

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