Benefits Of Jammed Frequencies, Interrupted Clearances, And Timid Speakers On The Mic

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Jammed frequencies, interrupted clearances, and timid speakers on the mic are just a few of the issues that controllers and pilots face nearly every day. “In 1993 the first Controller Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC) message set was created. CPDLC is an air to ground data link which enables the exchange of text messages between controllers and pilots” (“Controller-Pilot Data”, n.d.). There are challenges and risks that go along with new technologies and CPDLC is no exception. Retrofitting cost will be high for older aircraft and there are concerns about message latency. However, the many benefits of CPDLC far outweigh the risks. The potential for safer frequency changes, reduced miscommunications, and less congestion on Air Traffic Control (ATC) frequencies are clear incentives to implement CPDLC across the United States in the near future.

According to EUROCONTROL, “the main benefits of CPDLC are reduced voice-channel congestion, less chance of being misunderstood, less fatigue and greater efficiency.” (“EUROCONTROL,” n.d.) EUROCONTROL is the intergovernmental organization that regulates air traffic operations across the European region. The use of CPDLC systems across Europe began in 2009 when EUROCONTROL implemented Regulation 29/2009. This regulation mandated certain aircraft operators and ATC providers use data link communication. According to Mark Miller from Universal Weather and Aviation “CPDLC requirements are currently only for specific airspace, but…

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