Benefits Of Inversion Therapy

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What is inversion therapy?

Inversion therapy is method where you are hanging inverted to relieve back pain and stretch the spine. This therapy works by shifting the body’s gravity, easing the pressure off the back and providing the traction for the spine. This upside down therapy is best for those people who are suffering from sciatica, poor circulation, scoliosis and chronic lower back pain. It is a technique of being upside down while hanging by the ankle or feet in order to have the therapeutic benefits. It is a form of spinal decompression and spinal traction. For upside down crunches and squats ankle supported gravity boots are designed for inversion therapy or inverted squats and crunched.

Does inversion therapy really work?
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Relieving back pain may be your first reason to consider inversion therapy. But there are additional 7 important health benefits that many people get from inversion therapy. They are as follows:
1. Developed spinal health
This upside down therapy improves the gap between spinal discs and reduces pressure. Activities like running, sitting and bending create pressure on the spinal discs. This spinal discs pressure creates back pain and other complications. Studies reported that the stretching on inversion devices is a beneficial treatment for back pain.
2. Maintains your height.
Hanging upside down regularly will help you to avoid the shrinkage that is occurred due to gravity. This gravity hampers the growth of your height. But regular inversion exercise will stretch your body and maintain your height.
3. Improves circulation.
Inversion therapy helps to improve blood circulation by working against the gravity. It also helps to clear the lymphatic system faster and reduce the pain and aches of stiff
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Inversion tables
From the ancient period this inversion tables are used for inversion therapy but before it was in a shape of an inversion bench. Inversion table helps to stretch the back and correct the minor misalignment. While purchasing inversion table, you should choose it according to your requirements. Inversion tables are mainly good for abs crunches and torso rotations.
2. Aerial yoga swing
Aerial yoga swing is also called as yoga hammock or trapeze. It helps to do inversion or aerial yoga moves. This aerial yoga swing is great inversion equipment. With the help of aerial yoga swing or hammock you can do difficult yoga moves easily. Inversion table and yoga swing are the best devices for inversion equipment. You can get yoga swing from the local market and from the online shop. You must select yoga swing according to your weight and needs.
3. Inversion chairs
This inversion chairs are like inversion table. The Main difference between inversion chair and table is that a person will have to sit instead of stand. Different model and brand offers different facilities. Be careful while purchasing this inversion chair and choose according to your needs.
4. Gravity

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