Benefits Of Internet Service Providers Essay

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Some internet service providers believed they should be allowed to charge content providers, such as Netflix or YouTube, for using the internet service provider 's infrastructure to connect with the content provider 's users. Internet Service Providers reported to have spent resources to repair and improve their infrastructure to provide better service, while large content providers were allowed a free ride (Cheng et al 61). The Internet Service Providers attempted to do this by contacting content providers and requesting payment if they wanted the users whom subscribed with their internet plans to connect with the internet services provider’s own content. Dr. Economides from New York University and Benjamin Hermalin from University of California note, "...AT&T proposed that a new fee be paid directly to it by application and content providers whose information packets were carried by AT&T to residential customers, irrespective of where those application and content providers connected to the Internet" (603). White from Pratt Institute also noted that "While the AT&T CEO was the first to publicly say so, other telecommunication companies, such as Verizon and Comcast, agreed" (152). AT&T outcry rallied other internet service providers to have the same idea as AT&T did because they were also upset that content providers could user their infrastructure or broadband for free to connected to their customers. While this is legitimate reason for concern by the internet service…

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