Benefits Of Innovative Healthcare Professionals Essay example

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Even though the trend began in the 1960’s, telenursing can now blossom due to advancements in healthcare information technology and will continue to flourish when barriers are no longer present. Innovative healthcare professionals turn to telemedicine and telenursing for more effective, faster, and convenient care for patients, in particular, the ones that are unable to see the healthcare provider in person (Van Alstin, 2016, p. 6). Telenursing is nursing practice though electronic sources such as telephone and webcam to provide consulting, advising, triage, teaching, and much more (Texas Board of Nursing, n.d).
According to Aziz and Abochar (2015), telemedicine and telenursing is provided in four ways: network programs, point-to-point connections, monitoring center links, and web-based e-health patient portals
• Network programs- is remote health facilities connect to tertiary care hospitals, rural public health centers, and other suburban areas per high-speed internet connections
• Point-to-point communication- is direct or outsourced services to medical providers in cases like intensive care services, mental health services, radiology, stroke assessments, and many more.
• Monitoring centers link- provides connection with the patient receiving healthcare at home
• E-Health- provides patient care, requested information, and services with internets use (p.258)
Telemedicine save time, cost, inconveniences, reduce hospital length of stays, and increase patient satisfaction.…

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