Benefits Of Hunting For Food Essays

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Hunter-gatherers live simplistic, healthy and relaxing lives compared to the overworked agricultural farmer. Farmers believe that their survival tactics are more positive, productive, and more efficient than that of hunters-gatherers. What these agriculturalists do not understand is that hunting for food is more beneficial than upholding a farm. Natural food is available in many areas and sources, such as streams, vegetation and fields. Farmer’s daily activities are confined to fields where their crops are grown and animals are maintained for future consumption. It seems like a simple life, but much effort and time is involved to maintain health and balance on a farmland. Although, it may seem that a farmer’s life is more beneficial to humans, evidence shows that hunters-gathers lead a more advantageous, healthy and fulfilling life. The ultimate goal for both hunter-gatherers and farmers is the same; survival and a better life, but hunter-gatherers reap more benefits from their daily lifestyle of roaming land and water for essential food. Agricultural production may be the way many people depend on for survival, but hunting and gathering have enormous nutritional advantages. Protein is an essential incident to life that humans need for health and existence. Hunter-gatherers are provided with the necessary amount of protein and amino acids provided through the nuts, fish and wild animals found throughout land and water. Through the years, the availability of these…

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