Benefits Of Homework Essay

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Is Homework beneficial to kids in our society?

There are many opinions on homework and its benefits toward children. Is it harmful or helpful? Is it increasing knowledge or diminishing grades? Lisa Morgues, a teacher from California states, “The concept of homework is so ingrained in our culture , that people can’t and won’t think about what it might be like if we stopped doing homework. If a child is struggling, homework is valuable in fixing the problem. Teachers give students the amount of homework that they know the student is capable to finish on time” (Homework has value when it reinforces learning). Since we were very young, homework has always been a part of our daily routines. Homework prepares every individual by showing the value
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For example, Homework teaches students that learning can occur wherever you are. Every day you are expanding your knowledge whether you know it or not. Teachers assign homework to carry out the lesson and broaden knowledge. Also, students have greater self-direction and self-discipline. When students experiment with different subjects in school, they get a better idea as to what they want to do in the future (Mangione). It teachers self-discipline by making the student strategize and establish self-control finishing their work. Lastly, students are more inquisitive and participate in more independent problem solving (Mangione). Since homework is often done independently, students increase abilities to work by themselves. This skill will be used the rest of their lives. The more students engage in the lesson the more knowledgeable they will be. Therefore, homework travels outside the classroom by teaching students that learning can occur anywhere, instilling self-direction, and providing students the confidence to partake in group …show more content…
It has been said that homework takes up too much time in a person’s schedule that they cannot do any extracurricular activities or just relax. However, Homework is an extracurricular activity. When we go to our after school sports or activities, it is mandatory to show up and participate. That is just like finishing your homework. Homework shouldn’t just be something tossed around, but something we take our time on and enjoy doing. People have also stated that some lessons taught in school aren’t beneficial to a child’s success. However, learning happens everywhere you go and occurs naturally at home or anywhere else in a child’s world. Everything you learn in life will come to use at one point in your lifetime. Many individuals have also said that homework doesn’t help children’s academics at all, but cause stress and agony toward school (Mangione). The way you think of school and homework will change your views on how you participate. If you find school to be a waste of time, you’re not going to do very well. If you put school before all activities and make it a priority to do your best, you will excel in anything you desire. Homework isn’t always our favorite thing to complete, but with hard work it will benefit us in understanding challenging concepts that we don’t always grasp in the

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