Limited Access To Healthy Foods

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Countless families across the globe face many disadvantages and obstacles based on their access to healthy foods. The availability of healthy foods has an interrelationship directly relating to obesity. The availability of healthy foods is becoming a major concern for the future. As one-third of adults worldwide aged 20 and over are reported to be overweight, action must take place. There is currently a close relationship with income status and those who may face the challenge of obesity. Prices of healthy foods in low-income neighborhoods tend to be substantially higher than others due to their supply at certain locations. As healthy foods become more readily available, prices will begin to become more affordable. The possibilities and benefits …show more content…
The amount of healthy foods someone has access to often reflects in their eating habits. “Limited access to nutritious food and relatively easier access to less nutritious food could be linked to poor diets”(Weisbecker 2). If more nutritional foods are easily available when consumers want it, they will be less tempted to purchase from fast foods restaurants surrounding them. Research shows that access to healthy foods is one of several factors that can contribute to better eating habits (Hinkle-brown 3). Better eating habits, which starts from how available healthy foods are, can have a mass of positive effects on the health of an entire society. The normal diet for individuals can see major changes as healthy foods become more readily available. Increasing fresh fruit and vegetable intake is an important step toward improving diet quality(How 5). Individual diets are based on what people can get most efficiently. Including the proper fresh foods in your diet can give the body all the nutrients it …show more content…
“The development and expansion of healthy food retail businesses and food hubs can in return bring much needed jobs and spur economic revitalization in low-income neighborhoods” (A 1). Profit margins on healthy foods are substantially higher than other products. If more healthy foods can be accessed and sold to consumers, the economy and retail stores can see major benefits. Research has proven that renovated retail stores toward healthy foods have seen a 35% to 40% increase in produce sales. If stores shift their focus towards healthy foods they can see major increases in produce sales helping to boost local economies. Many communities are rebuilding their local economies through agriculture (Bonfiglio 10). “Organic farming represents a profitable alternative for local economic growth and sustainable agriculture”(Bonfiglio 7). By turning the focus of retail stores to selling more healthy foods, it allows for constant change bringing many

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