Benefits Of Healthier Food And Positive Academic Outcomes For Students With Healthier Meals Programs

1108 Words Dec 11th, 2015 null Page
The current lunches that are often being offered at Western High School are unhealthy. The main diet at the school consists of fatty and sugary foods that supply little more than empty calories to the students. This implementation plan looks into the prospect of the Western High School implementing a new policy that will serve the students with healthier options during their lunch. The plan is informed by the theory that, intake of healthier foods results to the realization of better academic outcomes for students.
To come up with a conclusion report that contains all the relevant material and information, secondary data were employed and used to make the different arguments related to the adjustment of the current lunch program at the school. Secondary data involved the analysis of literatures that look into the relationship between healthy foods and positive academic outcomes. The results from this research reveal that many people welcome the idea of healthier meal programs in all schools. The major challenge that was noted in regard to the implementation of such a policy is related to costs, but this is something that comes to be overcome.
In addition, the secondary data show healthier school meals and the adoption of healthier food choices in schools are associated with academically oriented benefits. My implementation plan therefore recommends that the school should go ahead to serve healthier lunch menus. The plan argues that, the cost aspects that come with the…

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