Benefits Of Growing Gm Crops Essay

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For a majority of countries around the world, agriculture remains at the forefront of their economic stature. The portion of countries that have moved away from agriculture, tend to work on and improve manufacturing and technology-based businesses. Even though agriculture is not a priority amongst the job market in more developed countries, like the United States, it is still important due to being the most reliable source of food. So applying advancements to agriculture seems like a novel idea, and scientists started experimenting with the idea of genetically modified (GM) crops. GM crops have become more and more prevalent across developed countries, but other countries still have yet to see the improvements GM crops could make towards their development. By examining the benefits and questions GM crops have raised in the United States and non-developed countries, there will be strong case for why GM crops should be endorsed across the planet.
The benefits of growing GM crops have caused a belief that science has found a way to successfully continue other economic ventures while agriculture remains to improve. In the US, a great number of farmers have adapted their fields to growing GM crops. Some of the examined effects GM crops have had to the environment and the economy of the US have been highlighted in the article The Impact of Genetically Engineered Crops on Farm Sustainability in the United States (2010), by Kara Laney. According to Laney, the environmental effects…

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