Benefits Of Green Tea Essay

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Throughout the present world, the most popular daily drink or a drink that a family considers for guest entertainment is nothing other than a cup of tea. Rich or poor, urban or rural, tea has become a family drink almost throughout the world. Archeological evidence suggests that tea leaves steeped in boiling water were consumed as many as 5,000 years ago. Botanical evidence indicates that India and China were among the first countries to cultivate tea. Tea is now considered as the most consumed beverage in the world behind water. The commonly used variety is generally known as Black Tea or Red Tea. But another variety of tea, which is slowly gaining ground is Green Tea which is surely a hot drink but with a lot of healthy benefits. May be called a health tonic, specially for the elderly people. In China, green tea had been taken by the people from time immemorial only because of its medicinal value. The great naturalist and author Nadine Taylor in her book ‘Green Tea : The Secret of Healthier Life’, mentions that green tea has been used in China …show more content…
Depending upon the place and the environment, the colour of the prepared tea may be black, colour less, yellow, green or grey. The colour, texture and appearance of green tea depend upon the process of its production and also on the place of its origin. But whatever may be the difference in colour or texture, the properties of green tea remain same. Lastly, the utility of green tea can be described by another fine example. Green tea contains a class of very important antioxidant called flavanoids. The amount of this flavanoids in a cup of green tea (150 ml) is 200 milligram, where as the amount of this substance in a standard size apple is 22 milligram. Hence it appears that a cup of green tea is equivalent to nine apples of standard size. So, can it be said that ‘a cup of green tea a day keeps the Doctor

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