Essay on Benefits Of Genetically Modified Organisms

1578 Words Dec 8th, 2016 7 Pages
Ladies and gentlemen, it is the 21st century, we have to begin to accept new innovations and access the potential benefits. Genetically modified organisms, better known as GMO’s are a huge misconception for society who only sees risks without benefits. As a result of this fear of GMOs and the ethics behind it, government agencies make it very restrictive for bio firms to produce innovative products that can improve lives and society. Not only is the process to restrictive, it is also way outdated; as of 2001, the US was still following the same regulations that were made in 1986. (Nelson) Unfortunately, the only way for these restrictions to be lifted or eased is to get consumers to see the benefits of GMOs and essentially debunk their ethical concerns. Now what ethical concerns are people concerned with? Individuals think that GMOs have the potential to trigger new allergies and disease. They also believe they will damage the environment and damage the food web due to an increase in herbicides and pesticides. In a religious aspect, others believe that the process of making GMOs is tricking mother nature and essentially playing God. People cannot be blamed for their beliefs and ethical concerns, it 's not their fault that they are uninformed about GMOs and are tricked by the market. People do not trust what is uncertain and as a result the government puts such tight restrictions on GMOs so that the consumer will trust the product. Instead of this, consumers must be more…

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